About Afterpay

How it works

Pay in 4 instalments over 6 weeks.

You'll pay your first instalment at the time of purchase, and the remainder every two weeks.

No fees when you pay on time.

With interest-free instalments, the only fees are for late payments. You can find your payment schedule in the Afterpay app and we'll send you regular reminders.

Enjoy instant approval decision.

You’ll know you’ve been approved within seconds. Orders ship as they would with any other form of payment, as quickly as you choose.

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Shop online.

1. Browse your favourite stores.


2. Choose Afterpay as your payment method.


3. Instantly create your account and complete your purchase.

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Shop in-store.

  1.  Browse your favourite shops in-store.
  2.  Download the Afterpay App
  3. Instantly create your account
  4. Tap the ‘Card’ tab and follow the prompts to set up the Afterpay Card & add it to your digital wallet.
  5. Head to a retailer accepting Afterpay and activate the Afterpay Card in the app and pay using Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Learn more about Afterpay Card

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Afterpay it with the App!

Stay up to date on new retailer launches and manage existing orders with our easy-to-use app.