Behind the face of THAT SCRUNCHIE GIRL ox, designer, Miss Fabiana Boumbis introduces a luxury custom made scrunchie line like you have never seen before! Bringing back your ultimate styling accessory with a modern day twist. "Scrunchies are not just a hair accessory, they have the potential to be much more in a creative way".

After years of wear, Fabiana has made this her everyday accessory styled in the most unique form of wear - on the arms, ankles and wrist. Fabiana always had the idea to pursue a luxury scrunchie line but always had a hesitation. "This has always been a dream but I was too scared to put my words into actions, repetitively asking myself, what if". With a change of heart, one morning, Fabiana woke up and realised it was time to follow her dreams without no hesitation, no what if's or buts did not get in the way. "You just know automatically when the time is right & believe me when I say this- you can, you will". With her confidence, drive and positive attitude, that was her key for action. "Believe in yourself and you can do just about anything".

Designing a custom made luxury scrunchie line, Fabiana has drawn attention to detail, using luxurious fabrications, although has kept your original design of a scrunchie for more of a simplicity form of wear. "I wanted to design for two types of scrunchie angels - ones who love to be fashion forward, daring and stand out in a unique way & for those who love to keep it simple but classic".

So what are you waiting for! Make a statement, be inspired and style it your way