THAT SCRUNCHIE GIRL ox now offers PayPal Here! Making it easy for customers to pay via card on the go anywhere at any time.


* Secure card reader
* Accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express & debit cards
* Processed within seconds - it's that easy and simple!
* You can either Tap & Go | Chip & Pin | magnetic swipe
* You get to see the luxe scrunchies in person before purchase
* Options for how you would like your receipt - via SMS or email


Which locations is PayPal Here available?
For now, this service is only available at the following locations:

* Shepparton | Monday to Friday's
* Melbourne | Saturday & Sunday's - every two weeks

THAT SCRUNCHIE GIRL ox will notify customers via Insta Story on Instagram when she will be in Melbourne as THAT SCRUNCHIE GIRL ox is temporarily based in Shepparton on a full time basis.

There will also be times when THAT SCRUNCHIE GIRL ox will be travelling from time to time and will keep customers notified via Insta Story on Instagram as well as on this page on my website on which location she will be at.

How does it work?
For any interest in this service, please email with the subject line - PayPal Here order & put your request in with your name, what scrunchie/s you are wanting to purchase, the date & time of delivery and location address you wish to meet as THAT SCRUNCHIE GIRL ox comes to you!

Is there a delivery cost?
No! It's free of charge.

So what are you waiting for? Make purchasing easy for you with PayPal Here ox